Hive background

The Hive is, and always has been, all about community.

From the group of parents who established the pre-school in the village hall in 1990 through to the creation of its purpose-built site, The Hive, in 2010, the pre-school has thrived thanks to the dedication of its supporters.

Our purpose-built building was designed by a local architect, constructed by local builders, and funded through a variety of local schemes.

The main financial contributions came from Aveton Gifford Parish Council, the Investing in Devon fund (created by Devon County Council from the proceeds of the sale of Exeter Airport),  and donations from local businesses.

We’re proud to have an eco-friendly building, whose solar panels generate more energy than we use, and we work to ensure we reuse and recycle as many things as possible.

The pre-school is a registered charity (Charity Number 1035567 ), which is overseen by a voluntary management committee comprised mainly of parents, and employs four teaching staff. The Pre-school is a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance.

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