What to wear & bring

We’re all about fun at The Hive and sometimes this can involve getting messy.

This means it’s best to send children in clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy, wet, or ever so slightly painted!

It’s important for children to arrive with everything they might need depending on the time of year – this helps them get the most out of every day at The Hive.

What to bring:

We ask parents to always provide a spare set of clothes, so that children can change if required.
Children should bring a water bottle every day, and their lunch box if they are staying for lunch. We also ask parents to pack an extra bit of fruit for morning snack time and a little treat for afternoon snack
On hot days, it’s important that children arrive wearing sun cream, while on colder days, coats should be provided, and if it’s wet, bring them in their wellies.
We ask that all clothes, water bottles and lunch boxes are clearly labelled with your child’s name. 
For children who are in nappies, we ask for spare nappies, wipes, disposable bags and spare clothes.


We pride ourselves on teaching all children about the benefits of a healthy diet, and so it is important for children to come with a healthy selection of items for lunch.

Sweets and chocolate are not permitted at pre-school, although one small biscuit or cake is acceptable.
We encourage low-salt and low-sugar items, and ask parents to prioritise sandwiches, fruit, and fruit-based snacks for their children’s lunches.
Because it is not possible to keep lunch boxes in a refrigerator, parents may want to consider a cool-bag style lunch box if sending in dairy or meat items.
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