Key workers

Every child is paired with a key worker who helps them settle in and oversees their learning progression.

All our staff are highly qualified and experienced, helping to ensure that all children learn and have fun in a safe and engaging environment.

Your child’s key worker will keep a record of development and share updates on progress with parents. Key workers proactively collaborate with parents to help make sure every child feels supported in their learning and development, and keep them informed about the ‘next steps’ children can take to further their progression

Your child will be assigned one of our keyworkers:





To keep you updated with your child’s progress, your key worker will use Tapestry. Once registered with the online journal, you will be able to access your child’s development and progress records when ever you like. These will include observations of your child during pre-school sessions, sometimes with accompanied photographs and links to the Early years Foundation Stage. You will be able to see at which level your child is working at and ideas for “next steps”

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